kHyal was born as “Kyle Ann Braun.” In 1981 she changed her name to “Khyal Braun,” and later legally to “kHyal” only. She sometimes uses the pseudonym “kHyal Kouture,” mostly because many social media and other computer-based platforms demand that “last name” fields are filled in. kHyal began the process of trademarking her name in the 90s and also uses the pseudonym “kHyal™.” She worked commercially under the business name “kHyal Inc.” — and was far ahead of the curve of the current trend of personal branding. In fact, long before the phrase was even coined. She is currently using the name “MegaGlam” as an umbrella identity for all of her creative work.

Since the early 80s, kHyal’s self-taught analog and digital work has centered on a combination of:

  • Self-portraiture
  • The use of Text
  • Collage
  • Assemblage
  • Lowbrow Technology
  • Character Design
  • Art as Fashion




2015 “Universal Mickey” found object assemblage, Twisted Mouse show, P!Q, Grand Central



2015 “Meteorite” coat and “Rainbow Target” leggings, Spring Break Art Show, New York



2014 “Broil” found object assemblage, Metro Show, New York



2014 “Space Age Yeti” jacket, Armory Arts Week, New York



2013 “Pink Alien Mickey Cyclops” Character Dress, Art Basel Miami Beach


Weather sKwirl Wacko 2011

2011, “The Weather sKwirl + Friends” (one of 730+ different images created in the series between 2010–2012)


2008 Self Portrait

2008, self-portrait with digital manipulation, exhibited at Indie Fashion Week



2007, untitled found object sculpture, “101 Dresses” invitational show, Artspace, New Haven


2006, self-portrait performance and installation, Artspace Alternative Space


Tentacles of the Tide

2005 “Tentacles of the Tide, Kong Rests” found object assemblage with text


Axe Me Later

2005, “Axe Me Later” found object jeweled assemblage


Self Portrait OAF catalog 1996

1996, self portrait with digitally illustrated background, Outsider Art Fair, New York


Batteries not included 1991

1991, “Batteries not Included”  self-portrait Amiga computer-generated video still with titling, New Haven



1985, Public Art, dumpster painting, Commissioned by Joan Ankrum, Ankrum Gallery, Los Angeles


Los Angeles Studio 1985

1985, Los Angeles Studio, work-in-progress including “Hot Brain Snail Wad” refrigerator magnet piece.